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  • Change of mind
    • Yes: Within five days of purchase – full refund minus administration charge*
    • Yes: More than five days after purchase and prior to November 30
    • No: November 30 or later
  • Poor Snow Conditions
    • No: EXCEPT first time members who may be given three complimentary guest passes if snow conditions are poor** as of January 1
  • Out of Town move
    • Yes: Pro-rated refund
  • Illness or Injury
    • Yes: Pro-rated refund OR Pro-rated credit towards following season membership
  • Death
    • Yes: Pro-rated

Pro-rated schedule

  • Prior to November 30: 80%
  • Prior to December 15: 60%
  • Prior to January 15: 40%
  • Prior to February 15: 20%
  • On or after February 15: No refund


  1. All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to
  2. Requests for medical reasons must be accompanied by a medical certificate
  3. Out of Town move must be greater than 100km from a TBNT groomed facility
  4. Refunds for Out of Town move requests will be forwarded to the new address
  5. Where the request applies to one member of a couple or family membership, the pro-rated refund will apply to the fee portion applicable to the non-skiing member only
  6. Where the request applies to a joint TBNT/Lappe membership, the pro-rated refund will apply to the portion applicable to each facility, pending Lappe approval.

*Please note that administration charges will be decided on an annual basis
** “Poor conditions” are classified as “less than 20% trails groomed for both skate and classic skiing”


Thunder Bay Nordic Trails is a non-profit organization that grooms over 30km ski trails and maintains over 15 km snowshoe trails at Kamview Nordic Centre


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