Thunder Bay Nordic Trails

Board of Directors Meeting – Kamview – October 11, 2023

Present: Ross Johnston, Cheryl Cameron, Laura Darby, Pam Dawes, Lisa Bowes, Gavin Freitag. Jiska Westbroek, Shawn Allen, Janice Ryan,

Regrets: Kim Armstrong, Seija Grant

Staff: Dave Suttie

Recorder: Peter Gallagher

Item Details Action
Finance Derek Tycholas of LCPS accountants presented the 2022-23 audited financial statement.

Moved by  Ross, seconded by Laura – that the audit report be accepted.


Video A meeting was held with Westfort Productions for a Kamview Video. $5000 down payment authorized.

Pam to check on legal issues related to showing people in the video.

Dave will call re filming for ½ M




Finance Assistants Heather and Tina have both decided not to retire this year, after all. YEAH!
Gender washrooms Ross distributed Ontario Human Rights information indicating that all persons have the right to use the washroom of the gender with which they identify.

Dave to ensure staff are aware.

LU Ski Team Discussion regarding the increased number of LU ski team members and staff requesting free memberships.

Dave to check with Lappe policy

Decision at next meeting.

Manager’s Report Ditching and culvert work is finished

Furnace and fire suppression systems have been checked

Side cutting ongoing

Feller-buncher work on Lookout is ¾ finished with Aspen next.

Well tiles installed in pond for snowmaking

School running events continue

Membership sales continue

Ontario Winter Games Biathlon events at KV Feb. 23/24  2024

Ski Swap and 1/2M October 18 -22





Forest Management Plan Has received provincial approval Ross
Next meeting Next meeting – Monday, November 13 – 7:00pm  – location Kamview

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