Great news! Our trails are drying out nicely, with just a few wet, muddy patches left. Please come enjoy a walk, hike or run any time during daylight hours! 

Please remember, Biking is NOT permitted!

The use of our trails is at your own risk – our staff are not always on site.  Please make sure someone knows where you are going and when you are expected to return.  Carry a cell phone. Our trail map is available to download here!

We love to see your 4-legged friends enjoying the trails with you!  What we don’t like is seeing the poop they/you leave behind! 

Since they can’t do it themselves, you are asked to deal with their deposits appropriately.

The “Flick with a Stick” method is highly encouraged (find a sturdy stick  and flick the poop well off the trail and into the surrounding bush). If you choose to pick it up with a bag, that’s great, but PLEASE take it home with you for disposal! 

If we find poop bags left on site, hanging from trees, on the ground, in outhouses, or in our garbage cans, we will be forced to make the difficult decision to close the trails.  


Dogs must be on a leash within 100m of the chalet.  Once you are out on the trails, they can be off-leash, however, they must be under your control and within your sight at all times.  Do not let your dog chase wildlife.  

Donation Box:
There is a fee box set up near the chalet.  Please help us cover the cost of spring and summer maintenance of our trails!  Our trails don’t mow themselves!  The box is emptied regularly.

Trail Maintenance:
Our trail manager could be out on the trails at any time working with equipment including a chainsaw.  If you hear or see equipment, please avoid those trails and take another route!  You may not be seen or heard as you approach if the equipment is running. Stay away! 
Yes!  There are ticks in our woods, just like there are ticks in the woods throughout northwestern Ontario.  Click here for some helpful information about how to avoid tick bites.

Thank you for your cooperation!  We are so pleased to be able to keep our trails open for you!  

The Kamview Crew

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