Mr. Robert Chony has retired from Thunder Bay Nordic Trails!  After 19 year of grooming and maintaining the ski trails at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, Robert is hanging up his grooming hat.

During the time that Robert was at the Park, he looked after the trails as if they were his own.  In the fall, he would go out on the trails to make sure that they were ready for winter.  If any brushing or small tree removal was needed before the snow came, he got it done.  When the pond froze on Beaver Meadows, he would check the ice thickness and cut back the cattails and sedges for a safe and obstacle free trail.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays were regular grooming days and, if it snowed in between, you could always count on additional grooming being done.  Robert’s dedication to the trails at Kakabeka kept thousands of skiers smiling over the years.  Since I took over the management of TBNT from Peter Crooks, Robert has been amazing to work with and I never had to worry about the Park because Robert had it under control!

Thank you so much for you hard work and dedication to TBNT and keeping the trails at Kakabeka “Super Choice”!

Robert and his wife, Heather, enjoy travelling especially on bus tours in Canada and the United States.  All staff and members of TBNT wish them well on their travels!  A big THANK YOU from all the skiers who you made happy at Kakabeka over the past 19 years.

Dave Suttie, TBNT General Manager
& The Kamview Crew

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