Ski Trail Etiquette

(for recreational skiing at Kamview Nordic Centre…other ski centres may do things differently!  And the rules change during race events!)
  • Our ski trails are one direction of travel except the Roadway Ramble…that is the only ski trail with 2-way traffic!  So when on the Roadway Ramble, always hug your left-hand side of the skate lane or use your left-hand classic tracks!  That way if you are heading from the chalet towards the Hub, you will be on the opposite side of the trail from someone heading from the Hub towards the chalet!
  • If you need to stop along a skate lane, step aside so you don’t block the skate lane or the classic track.
  • If you need to stop along a classic track, step out of the track and step aside so you don’t block the classic track or the skate lane.
  • Don’t stop at the bottom of a hill where other skiers might have trouble avoiding you.
  • If you crash, move out of the way as quickly as possible.  If you are hurt and unable to move, have another skier alert skiers approaching, or if you are alone, call out to alert skiers that you are on the trail and need assistance.
  • If you are classic skiing and come to a hill too big to climb in the track, get out of the track and herringbone up the hill in the skate lane.  DO NOT herringbone over the classic tracks.
  • If you are classic skiing and come to a hill too steep to descend in the track, get out of the track and snowplow down the hill in the skate lane.  DO NOT snowplow over the classic tracks.
  • Do a shoulder check before stepping out of the classic track or moving laterally across the trail so you don’t interfere with a skier approaching from behind.
  • DO NOT call track to get a slower skier to move out of the track…a faster skier must step out of the track, pass the slower skier, then step back into the track ahead of the slower skier.
  • Dogs are permitted on the Dudley’s ski trail only (except on very special occasions when the Northern Lights is open to dogs)
  • No walking on ski trails in boots or trail shoes – skis must be worn
  • Please be courteous and patient with other skiers out on the trails especially our beginners!
  • Beginners…when you see the fast racing skiers out training, don’t worry about getting out of their way…they are much more agile than most of us!  You’ll probably find it’s best to just slow down and stay right where you are, and they’ll ski around you as if you are standing still!
  • If you ski after dark, stick to the lit loop only.

Our trails are usually groomed for skate and classic but sometimes due to snow conditions they will be groomed for only skate or only classic.  And sometimes due to snow conditions, some trails are open and some are closed…ski on groomed trails only.

Ski trails and snowshoe trails are separate trail systems.  At no time should skiers travel on snowshoe trails, nor should snowshoers travel (except to cross) on ski trails.

To help you navigate the ski trails, please find our ski trails map online here!  Or ask for a paper copy from the chalet.

Please have your trail pass or membership card with you on the trails and ready to show our staff.  Members…please scan your membership card in the foyer of the chalet this year!

See you on the trails.
The Kamview Crew

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