Kamview Jackrabbit registration is now open!

Kamview Nordic Centre is proud to host the Kamview Jackrabbit Youth Learn To Ski Program.  This volunteer-run organization coaches 100+ children, ages 4 to 14, every winter.

Lessons run on Saturday mornings from approximately 10 am to noon.  Exact start time will be decided by your coaches.  Level 4 and Track Attack skiers also have Thursday evening sessions.  This year the program will run from December 3, 2022 until March 25, 2023.  Please note that once registered you will receive further information from the coaches and coordinator.

Registration for the upcoming 2022/2023 season of lessons available here on Zone4.ca until the end of December.

Kamview Jackrabbits are coached by a dedicated group of parent, grandparent and youth volunteers, and often, as the kids grow up, our volunteers move on!  A heartfelt thank-you to all who have volunteered with us over the years.  We are always keen to recruit new coaches.  Training is available through Nordiq Canada (and paid for by the club), and a great opportunity to improve your skiing and coaching skills.  If you know of any parents, grandparents or youth who would be interested in volunteering to have fun with the children on snow, please let us know!

Follow the Kamview Jackrabbits on Facebook.

For more information, email our coordinator, Tiffany, at jackrabbitsskiing@gmail.com

Jackrabbit Categories:  (All ages are guidelines.)

  • Bunnies – ages 4 to 6, true beginners, an adult must be with the child during lessons, classic only, boots and skis only, no poles
  • Level 1 – ages 5 to 7, beginners with some ski experience, an adult must be with the child during lessons, classic only, boots and skis only, no poles
  • Level 2 – ages 6 to 8, should have completed level 1, it is recommended that an adult is with the child during the lessons, classic only equipment required but skate might be introduced, boots, skis and poles required
  • Level 3 – ages 7 to 9, should have completed level 2, both skate and classic equipment required
  • Level 4 – ages 8 to 10, should have completed level 3, both skate and classic equipment required
  • Track Attack – ages 9 to 12, must have completed level 4, both skate and classic equipment required, introduction to racing
  • Beyond Track Attack – ages 11+, both skate and classic equipment required, emphasis on distance, not speed
  • Evaluation Group – older children with no or little experience, both skate and classic equipment required
  • Big Thunder Nordic Ski Club – racing program, ages 11+, Kamview Jackrabbits interested in racing often join this club once they’ve completed our program

$80.00 Kamview Jackrabbit program fee + $19.00 LSSD, XCSO & Nordiq Canada memberships/insurance = $99.00

Membership in Lake Superior Ski District-XC (LSSD), Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO) and Nordiq Canada supports the development of cross country skiing in Ontario and Canada as well as providing liability insurance coverage for activities approved by Nordiq Canada.

Please note these fees only cover the Kamview Jackrabbit Program.  Each child (and accompanying adult) must have a Thunder Bay Nordic Trails (TBNT) membership or day pass. TBNT memberships available here. Day passes can be purchases at the counter in the Kamview Chalet. Each child (and accompanying adult) must have ski equipment.

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