Changes to the Thunder Bay Nordic Trails – Ontario Parks Partnership

Changes to policy at Ontario Parks means that Ontario Parks can no longer allow a third party (TBNT in this case) to authorize access to Provincial Parks through external membership options.  Access can only be granted through an approved Ontario Parks permit.

What this means for TBNT members is that, starting with the 2022/23 ski season, TBNT memberships will no longer give our members access to ski trails in Kakabeka Falls and Sleeping Giant Provincial Parks.  And there will no longer be a Parks Only membership available from TBNT.

Only valid Ontario Parks daily, seasonal or annual permits will be accepted for skiing in all Ontario Parks.  TBNT and the Board of Directors would have preferred to maintain recognition by Ontario Parks of the TBNT memberships however that option is no longer available.

TBNT and Ontario Parks have had a working agreement since the mid-1980s with respect to grooming the ski trails at Kakabeka Falls and Sleeping Giant Provincial Parks.  In exchange for TBNT performing the grooming activities, our members were granted access to ski trails at both parks without incurring an additional cost.

Our membership prices will remain the same in 2022/23 even though our TBNT membership can no longer provide access to ski trails at Kakabeka Falls and Sleeping Giant Provincial Parks.  Our prices have remained the same for the past three years to maintain access to quality skiing during the hardships of the pandemic.  However, inflation continues to grow and affect the economy along with the cross-country skiing industry and TBNT’s operating budget.

Ontario Parks will be taking over full responsibility for grooming at Kakabeka Falls and Sleeping Giant Provincial Parks.  This change will NOT affect the tradition of the Sleeping Giant Loppet.  TBNT will provide full organization of and support for grooming for the Sleeping Giant Loppet.

If you were a holder of a TBNT Parks Only membership, you will find the cost for an annual or seasonal winter Ontario Parks permit to be lower than the Parks Only membership.  For full TBNT members, there will be an additional cost for single day or unlimited skiing at both provincial park locations.  An Ontario Parks’ annual vehicle permit is $99 (+HST), a seasonal winter vehicle permit is $60 (+HST), and a day pass per vehicle varies at each Ontario Park.  More information can be found on the Ontario Parks website. 

Save the dates!  Our TBNT memberships will be available to purchase online in early September!  And the Annual TBNT Ski Swap will be happening on October 21 and 22!

Thank you for your continued support,TBNT Board of Directors

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