Snowshoe trail etiquette!

  • Keep off ski trails unless crossing
  • Look both ways before crossing ski trails
  • Yield to skiers at all times
  • Absolutely no stopping on ski trails
  • Please step OVER classic tracks
  • No walking in just boots or trail shoes – snowshoes must be worn
  • No dogs allowed (except on Wilderness Wander trail)
Ski trails and snowshoe trails are separate trail systems.  At no time should skiers travel on snowshoe trails, nor should snowshoers travel (except to cross) on ski trails.  

Please do not wander while snowshoeing…stick to the maintained trails!  We’ve had a few incidents where folks wandered off the main trails, other folks followed those tracks and got lost…and end up finding their way out on ski trails! 
To help you navigate the ski and snowshoe trails, please find our trails map online here!  Or ask for a paper copy from the chalet.  There are snowshoe maps nailed to trees at intersections and trail distance markers on most trails!   If you come across a tree fallen across a snowshoe trail, please let us know!  

See you on the trails.
The Kamview Crew

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