The Northern Lights Trail Is Going To The Dogs!

Monday, January 10th and Monday, February 7th from 4 to 9 pm!  We are opening up the Northern Lights Trail (from the Stadium, around the Northern Lights, and back to the Stadium only) so that you can ski with your pooch!  The lights will be on!

You and your puppers are welcome to ski this portion of the Night Loop (NOT the Sun Up or Sun Down) but keep in mind all the rules that apply on the Dudley’s dog-friendly ski trail will also apply here!  Dogs must be OFF LEASH when you are skiing.  Dogs must be under your control at all times.  Any poop that lands on the trail, please either “flick with a stick” well off the trail into the bush, or “scoop up the poop” and take it home to dispose of it.  Trash cans are NOT provided along the trails.  Please DO NOT leave bagged poop along the trails.  Future dog-friendly events will be cancelled if poop and poop bags are not removed from the trails.

A reflective vest, harness, collar or flashing light attached somewhere on your pooch is recommended.  Park in the old lower parking lot and head to the Stadium and jump on to the Northern Lights from there.  Dogs must be on leash within 100 m of the chalet.  And yes of course the Dudley’s trail is always open to dogs but it will be dark getting on to or off of Dudley’s after 6:00 pm if you park at the regular entrance to the Dudley’s trail.

See you on the trails.
The Kamview Crew

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