A note from Dave!

December 16, 2021.

Hey!  It’s Dave!

You may be wondering with the 25 to 30 cm of snow we got on Dec 5 & 6th, why all the trails at Kamview are not open.  Simply put – it is not enough!

The trails at Kamview are not particularly flat or smooth.  If you have walked or hiked at Kamview in the off-season, you may have noticed this.  The Sun Up, Sun Down, Northern Lights, Roadway Ramble and Beaver trails are the smoothest so they are the first to get worked on!

The 25+ cm of snow we got had to be track-packed with a snowmobile and then rolled and left to set up.  The snowmobile towing a drag (a piece of grooming equipment) is typically passed over the snow multiple times to flatten and smooth out the surface.  Once this is done, skate lanes and classic tracks are set if there is enough snow.  This year we were able to do both.  Just so you know we are skiing on only 6 to 8 cm base!  Not a lot of snow.

The other trails at Kamview are not as flat or smooth, and require a lot more snow.  By the time packing, rolling and dragging is done, there isn’t enough snow to groom, making for unsafe conditions that could lead to unnecessary injuries.  As more snow comes, more trails will open.  With more snow we will be out in the PistenBully!  Of course, now with the rain yesterday and today, we are set further back…but as I sit here and type this out, it’s snowing at Kamview.

So you know what to do!  Snow dance!  Please be patience.  Because, eventually it will be SUPER CHOICE!

If you check out the Kamview Webcam on our website you’ll be able to keep an eye on things!  And of course always call the CRC Communications TBNT Snow Phone at 807-285-0801 for the most up-to-date information!

See you on the trails.
Dave Suttie
General Manager
Kamview Nordic Centre

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